VeriFacts is a women-owned small business that strives to take an active role in developing an employee-first culture. We believe that a positive, supportive, employee-centric work experience is the source from which everything else flows. It has been a joy and privilege to watch the growth that has taken place over the last two years within our people individually and in our company. What we have seen in action is the fruition of what we already believed: investing in your team on a genuine, personal level takes intentional effort, but it returns in loyalty, client satisfaction, employee retention, and long-term growth.

Locally Invested

Our executive team purchased the company in March of 2020, at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Especially in that environment, we went into this knowing 1) we would give it our all to come out the other side stronger, and 2) people needed our support in a real way. From the start, we worked to intentionally build up an employee-centric culture that was also actively invested in the community. VeriFacts is located in a small town (not just any small town—our own), so employees are our fellow community members, friends, family, etc. Many of our decisions are made based on what’s right in that context. The icing on the cake is that caring for our people and our community is good for business. The more we grow, the more we’re able to invest back into our people and our community—and the cycle continues. 

Developing Talent

“We’re closely involved in our families and community volunteerism, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Integrating our values into our business practices is what keeps us passionate. The growth mindset is often that you should move closer to a more metropolitan area to reach a larger talent pool. While that can certainly be a good strategy, it isn’t a fit for us. We attract talent but even more importantly, we develop talent. We all start somewhere. When you take the time to invest in people and help bring out their best, you build trust and loyalty,” said Stephanie Clark, VeriFacts CEO.

Cycle of Service

We’re passionate about the opportunities we have as business leaders to give back and help build future leaders. I think our employees know we genuinely care, and we’re all able to unite for larger purposes and grow professionally together. That all helps to increase employee retention, job satisfaction, and productivity, which in turn drives client retention, client satisfaction, and service excellence. It all leads to one big happy team growing together and working toward the same goals and vision. We love our team and we’re thankful for each of our dedicated employees,” continued Stephanie.

Positive Environment

VeriFacts actively supports Salvation Army Kids, Alzheimer’s Association, YMCA Camp Benson, AdoptaPlatoon, Adopt a Highway, Happy Tails, the Sterling-Rock Falls Community School Supply Closet, and more. Giving back is central to our employee culture, and we enjoy actively taking part in hands-on volunteer and fundraiser activities as a team. We also work hard to provide a healthy, positive environment for our employees in the workplace through employee engagement initiatives such as Month of Positivi-Tea, Season of Giving, Employee Appreciation Day, professional training and support, company parties, and more. We care about our staff, and they care about one another. The small-town values and connectedness of our company are part of what allows us to continue to deliver the superior service and work products on which we have built our reputation. 

Employee Engagement

Our attention to detail, camaraderie, and enthusiasm for our work carries over into every client interaction as we stand behind our products with professionalism, quality service, and personalized attention. As a team that is engaged and invested in the big picture “why” of what we do, we bring the drive and motivation to stand above the competition in every regard. The secret sauce is that profitability and employee satisfaction are symbiotically intertwined. To learn more about our team, be sure to follow VeriFacts, LLC on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Please visit our Careers page for information about seeking a career with our team. 

About VeriFacts, LLC

VeriFacts, LLC is the top employment location and verification service for the receivables management industry. Having been in business for over 30 years, they are committed to offering guaranteed customer location and employment verification services to creditors across the nation. The VeriFacts brand has become synonymous with high-quality service and a positive customer experience. Over the years, their services have expanded into residential location information, data verification, and unique data aggregation. VeriFacts is proud to be a Certified Women-Owned Business by the WBENC.