VeriFacts, LLC is excited to announce another bold step into our future. In March 2020, our executive management team completed the purchase of our company, re-energizing and strengthening our entire team. This change is instrumental in helping our company to thrive and grow. This change makes us a Woman-Owned business and gives direct control over the organization to the executive team actively managing our company. 

As part of the next step forward, Team Leaders were asked to take part in an internal, collaborative exercise to discuss “The Big Picture” of VeriFacts’ future. The purpose of this exercise was to share perspective, promote teamwork, gain insight, and focus on big picture thinking. As we move into the future together, we encourage our teams to look closely at difficult decisions, varying perspectives, and the reasoning behind decisions or the “why” of a process. We want our team to remain focused on the Big Picture to understand how their work and daily tasks contribute to our company’s growth, the advancement of our services, and builds our culture that is second to none.

What Is VeriFacts’ Big Picture?

“VeriFacts is unique because it builds a solid foundation for its employees that makes us happy in our careers and helps us succeed,” says Jenna Rascoe, Training Team Leader. “Our team sees the bigger picture while maintaining a measured perspective on progress, compliance, and results. By providing accurate and quality information to clients, we continue to develop trust with our clients. The key is that our information must be accurate to maintain our reputation as the predominant employment verification company in the US; we want to be the ‘go-to’ when other companies need to outsource their verification needs.”

What Is Your Team’s Big Picture?

“Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is in a state of constant change. Our staff feels that the key to growth during these times is communication and support. We encourage our teams to share new ideas and remain positive through the challenges we are facing in these unique times,” says Team Leader Katie Steder. “To grow, we must work together to maintain our standards and high-quality services; every action we take matters and is a part of VeriFacts’ success. Proficient and open communication will lead to the advancement of not only our company but also our clients’ success.”

Team Leader Selena Manzo shares that her “team’s big picture is that each individual is accountable for setting goals that fall in line with the company’s goals. Each of us must properly execute the required changes to help our company stay competitive in the industry. We support each other when changes are made and work as a team to get tasks done and help each other understand new process implementations.” 

What Is Each Individual’s Role In The Big Picture?

“As we look at our individual roles within the big picture, each person understands that while different roles have different responsibilities, each individual makes an impact; each locate and every effort, no matter the size, takes our team and our company one step closer to our organizational goals,” says Team Leader Britany Hansen. “Everyone plays an important role in keeping our company at number one. We must maintain our commitment to compliance, remain cognizant of efficiency, and never lose sight of our high standards of quality.”

“While we are in the office, we are all focused on our responsibilities and hold ourselves accountable for our individual results. We encourage team members to identify areas of personal weakness and ask for help; working together, we transform weaknesses into strengths. Learning from mistakes helps us to grow and identify areas of personal improvement, and being receptive to feedback from the team and the VeriFacts leadership helps us to achieve greater results,” says Team Leader Kelcie Wallen.

How Are Team Leaders Keeping the Big Picture Alive During Constant Change?

“COVID-19 continues to bring a lot of change, but we remain excited about our future,” says Team Leader Stephanie Knutsen. “As a Team Leader, I will continue to share updates with my team, build rapport and trust, listen to feedback, and remain open to change and new ideas. Each of us is committed to being the best we can be in our jobs; Our team will keep growing, improving, and learning.”

“VeriFacts is fortunate to have a team that is flexible and adaptable to the changes that must be made,” Team Leader Malea O’Connor shares. “Our executive team is acting with full transparency to ensure that the why and how behind relevant decisions are understood by our team. Throughout the changes, we remind ourselves that, above all, we are providing consistent and reliable services for our clients and, regardless of whether the changes are driven by compliance or choice, our clients expect the same high standards of care and quality in each account and through each step of the verification process.”

“I am confident in our team and what we can achieve together. This is truly an exciting time for our business as we are growing, forging ahead, and continuing to execute our plans for the future,” says Vanessa Wessels, Leadership & Development Manager. “Our entire team is excited about our next step toward the future. We appreciate and value the trust that

our clients put into us and our services time after time. Our mission of providing the most accurate, compliant, and reliable location and employment verification services for our clients and the receivables industry will always guide every step we take to grow as a business and as a team. With the positive energy of our re-focused team, we look forward to a bright future full of opportunities.”

About VeriFacts, Inc.

A leading service provider to the receivables management industry for over 25 years, VeriFacts, LLC. is committed to offering guaranteed customer location and employment verification services to creditors across the nation. The VeriFacts brand has become synonymous with high-quality service and a positive customer experience.