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Employment Verification Services

VeriFacts helps businesses find and verify the employment of consumers through the use of superior people and technology.

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VeriFacts is setting the new standard in location services.

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Welcome to VeriFacts

VeriFacts is a trusted partner to the financial industry, bringing our clients a technological advantage to unlock revenue and earn more from receivables portfolios.

The VeriFacts name is synonymous with quality. Our team works hard to exceed client expectations through customized services, open communication, and consistent service improvement. The information that we provide to clients is 100% accurate or your money back.

We are ready to provide you with the perfect verification solution for finding and validating location, contact, and employment information for consumers in your portfolios.

Technology Company

VeriFacts is a technology company that creates software, tools and systems to manage data and manually verify accuracy.

Focused on Data

We aggregate and collect new data to help creditors find the place of employment or residential location of consumers.

Verified by People

Our highly trained people manually verify data for creditors to ensure the accuracy of the information that we provide.


“I love the mentality of teamwork that I have experienced with VeriFacts from the start.”
Audrey at Brock & Scott
“We love the Verified POE process with VeriFacts. If any results are no longer valid, VeriFacts will re-verify the locate or credit our account.”
VeriFacts Client
We have been extremely pleased with the service my company has received from VeriFacts, they are fast and proficient.
VeriFacts Client

VeriFacts News

VeriFacts is always on the move! Check out our blog or follow us on social media to keep up to date with our growing business.

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