Employment Verification Services

VeriFacts is a leader in employment verification for the financial industry. We specialize in identifying employment and validating that information to ensure accuracy in the data that we provide to our clients.

Achieving Results for Clients

We understand the unique needs of the financial industry. Our location services are designed specifically to achieve the strategic goals of our clients. Our employment verification programs include:

Accuracy Money Back Guarantee

If the data we provide is incorrect, we refund your money.

Results Delivered Daily

We transmit results to our clients each day to help maximize the value of our employment verification services.

Proprietary Data Sets

VeriFacts has created proprietary data sources for providing our services that are exclusive to our company.

Risk Free Pricing

Fees for our employment verification service is based on the results that we provide to our clients. No locate = no fee

Customized File Formatting

We understand that our clients use different systems to run their businesses, and customize data transfer formats.

National Coverage

Our services are available nationwide! We locate and verify job information in all 50 states and all U.S. territories.

VeriFacts is ready to work with you

Partnership Approach to Client Services

Our client services team partners with our clients to build strong working relationships to drive performance results. We customize the data transfer process and other aspects of our employment verification service to fit the processes and systems used by your business. Our client services team partners with our clients for mutual success and to identify opportunities to improve.


I love the mentality teamwork that I have experienced with VeriFacts from the start.

Audrey at Brock & Scott
We love the Verified POE process with VeriFacts. If any results are no longer valid, VeriFacts will re-verify the locate or credit our account.
VeriFacts Client
We have been extremely pleased with the service my company has received from VeriFacts, they are fast and proficient.
VeriFacts Client

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