Employment Verification Services & Location Solutions

VeriFacts is the leader in location and employment verification technology for the financial industry. We specialize in identifying consumer employment and validating all relevant employment information to ensure accuracy.

Achieving Results for Clients

We understand the unique needs of the financial services industry. Our location services are designed specifically to achieve the strategic goals of our clients. Our contact, location, and employment verification programs include:

Payroll Promise

Verified employment to support and optimize your collection and recovery strategy. Manual investigation with 100% guaranteed accuracy.

Data Dash

Boost internal efficiency with detailed employment matches for your team to verify.

POE Extreme

Verified employment to support your pre-legal and contact strategies. Manual investigation with 100% guaranteed accuracy.

Res Select

Returns the most likely residential address, powered by VeriFacts’ highly trained staff and technological processes.

Turn Point

Utilizes VeriFacts’ staff as a labor solution to verify employment and residential information.

Email Trace

Improve deliverability and efficiency for electronic communication strategies.


I love the mentality teamwork that I have experienced with VeriFacts from the start.

Audrey at Brock & Scott
We love the Verified POE process with VeriFacts. If any results are no longer valid, VeriFacts will re-verify the locate or credit our account.
VeriFacts Client
We have been extremely pleased with the service my company has received from VeriFacts, they are fast and proficient.
VeriFacts Client

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