Data & Verification Services for Financial Services

VeriFacts is the leader in data and verification services for financial services. We specialize in finding and verifying information about businesses and customers on behalf of creditors. Through our manual verification services our professional team will validate application information or new data found about a business or customer to ensure accuracy.

    Data & Verification Services for the Entire Account Lifecycle

    Applications & Underwriting

    Manually verifying information provided on financial applications. 

    Account Scrubs

    Identifying sensitive accounts including deceased, bankruptcy and incarceration.


    Finding and verifying current address for businesses and customer account holders.


    Manual re-verification of employment related information for customers.


    Locating and verifying various types of assets owned by  businesses and customers.

    Achieving Results for Clients

    We understand the unique needs of creditors and other financial services firms. Our data and verification services enable creditors to leverage our technology and expertise to efficiently validate information about account holders. 

    VeriFacts has created proprietary technology, extensive data waterfalls, and developed a specialized skill set that enables us to provide services at all stages of the financial account lifecycle.  


    “I love the mentality of teamwork that I have experienced with VeriFacts from the start.”
    Audrey at Brock & Scott
    “We love the Verified POE process with VeriFacts. If any results are no longer valid, VeriFacts will re-verify the locate or credit our account.”
    VeriFacts Client
    We have been extremely pleased with the service my company has received from VeriFacts, they are fast and proficient.
    VeriFacts Client

    Get Started with a Free Partnership Consultation

    We take a consultative approach to client partnerships. Our wide breadth of data products and verification services enables us to build customized programs to fit the specific needs of each client partner.