Stephanie Clark, CEO of VeriFacts, was Featured on Receivables Roundtable, a Video Production for the Accounts Receivable Management Industry Created and Published by Receivables Info

STERLING, ILLINOIS, October 2020 — We’re proud to share episode 2 of Receivables Roundtable featuring our own Stephanie Clark! Stephanie sat down with Adam Parks to discuss how she was part of the team that purchased the company and how VeriFacts’ company culture was built. 

After about 20 years working with VeriFacts in various roles, in February 2020, Stephanie was part of the team that purchased VeriFacts and helped create the valued culture that VeriFacts is known for throughout the receivables industry. As a leading location and employment verification service provider, VeriFacts prides itself not only on its services but also on our staff, our commitment to the community, and how we can help our clients. 

Turning VeriFacts into a cultural beacon for the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry took time, but Stephanie said as the company evolved so too did the staff that started to take ownership of their position within the industry and the community. 

“It was just so incredible,” Stephanie said during her talk with Adam. “To look everybody in the eye and say ‘I can’t believe we’ve made it this far. Now what are we going to do?’ was just an amazing feeling.”

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About VeriFacts, LLC

VeriFacts, LLC is the top employment location and verification service for the receivables management industry. Having been in business for over 30 years, they are committed to offering guaranteed customer location and employment verification services to creditors across the nation. The VeriFacts brand has become synonymous with high-quality service and a positive customer experience. Over the years, their services have expanded into residential location information, data verification, and unique data aggregation. VeriFacts is proud to be a Certified Women-Owned Business by the WBENC