VeriFacts Company Culture

What is VeriFacts?

VeriFacts is the leading location and employment verification service provider, focused on generating reliable results and accurate information for our clients. Our team of highly specialized professionals works directly with clients to create fully customized programs targeted to exceed portfolio goals and meet critical data needs.

We operate with integrity and professionalism to deliver high-quality results with outstanding service. VeriFacts strives to grow and maintain its strong industry reputation built on our quality work and positive, long-lasting client relationships.

Who is VeriFacts?

VeriFacts is proud to have served the consumer financial services industry for more than three decades. Our team is located in Sterling, IL and we are proud to provide high-quality career opportunities in our community.

Get to Know the People Behind VeriFacts

VeriFacts has developed a unique and vibrant culture within our organization. Team members are valued and developed holistically and are encouraged to live the vision statement of their department and company. Our executive team is highly engaged and continuously strives to improve our results and the experience of our clients.   

We pride ourselves on our team.

Community Involvement

Our company is firmly rooted within our community and takes great responsibility and commitment to giving back. VeriFacts is proud to have a team that works hard and also plays hard. We love opportunities to donate our time, energy, and financial resources to both local and national charitable organizations.


Salvation Army of Sterling, IL

Empowering youth, providing food, shelter, and necessities, and more. Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program provides new clothing or toys for children of families in need through the support of donors.

Alzheimer's Association

Alzheimer’s Association

Serving the needs of those affected by Alzheimer’s and related dementias; advocating for policy change and research funding, and working to advance research toward prevention, treatment and a cure.


YMCA Camp Benson

YMCA Camp Benson gives children the chance to step away from the familiar parts of their daily routine and venture outside their comfort zones. They make new friends, lifelong memories and learn new skills.

Adopt A Platoon

YWCA Sauk Valley

The YWCA is a United Way agency providing career services, immigrant assistance, domestic violence shelter, sexual abuse education, and more right here in our community. They assist women in becoming more independent and empowered.


Granny Rose Animal Shelter

This local shelter finds good homes for unwanted pets of the area by providing full basic veterinary care and beginner obedience training before interviewing families who wish to adopt. The shelter also provides boarding and sells pet supplies to help fund its operations.

School Supplies

Sterling-Rock Falls Community Trust

The Sterling-Rock Falls Community Trust awards scholarships and other education-related assistance to local youth. The School Supply Closet provides students and teachers with the tools and supplies they need to succeed in the classroom.


“There are several reasons I like to work at VeriFacts! I enjoy having a flexible schedule so that I am able to take my kid to school and work shorter days when she gets out early. I enjoy having weekends and holidays off, which is not the norm for most jobs, and I never had this before working at VeriFacts. I also like how VeriFacts is very generous. They are always giving back to the employees or community when they have an opportunity.”

Stacey Marsili, Quality Assurance Specialist, 8 years
“I love the flexibility in our workflow. We have our musts and the freedom to meet our goals!! I absolutely love the flex scheduling, this works so well with my many family appointments!!”
Sara Surrena, Research Specialist, 1 year

“Working here has been the best decision for my whole family! I love that I can get some overtime in if I want to, and still be able to find ample time to spend with my daughter because I make my own schedule. I am so proud to work for such a forward-thinking company, that cares about each employee at an individual level. Being here has given me a sense of self-confidence that I never thought I would find. My co-workers are truly some of the smartest, funniest, most caring people on this planet and they make it so easy to wake up every day ready to go to work with a smile on my face!”

Caity Potthoff, Research Specialist, 1 year
“I’ve been with VeriFacts for almost 9 years now and looking back, this company has given me the opportunity to grow in so many different ways. As soon as you enter the door, you are part of the family here! The people here truly are amazing! We have been through so many changes over the years and especially through the pandemic, but we are, and always have been an ever-changing and adaptable company that will always find a way to come out on top! Most importantly, we still have lots of fun along the way! I’ve never worked for nor heard of a company that goes above and beyond for their employees as VeriFacts does. From the fun activities to the incentives to the flex scheduling, we have it made!”
Wendy Hubbard, Research Specialist, 9 years
“VeriFacts has a fun and motivating work environment! I have worked with the company for going on 8 years and still love it. My favorite thing about working for the company is the flex scheduling and the ability to focus on personal goals which lead to great bonus opportunities. This company has taught me more independence and personal growth and pushes me to set new goals daily. We are like a family here and motivate each other to be the best we can be!”
Charish Devoss, Research Specialist, 7.5 Years

There are so many reasons why I enjoy working here! One of my favorites is being able to work a schedule that works best for me (home/work balance). All my co-workers are always encouraging and acknowledging when anyone might need a pick-me-up. This is truly a comfortable atmosphere to spend my work week in!

Mary Turner, Development Coach/Research Specialist, 4 Years

I like working here because the work environment is positive, and we are one BIG family here! Also, the pay and bonus incentives are great!! Best place I’ve ever worked for hands down!!!

Dawn Gleason, Research Specialist, 3 years

I really like working here because it’s such an open and understanding work environment. We always have fun activities and contests going on!! I am able to make my own hours, allowing me to be able to see my stepdaughter’s events for school and attend family events. I have the opportunity to keep learning and growing!

Megan Shepard, Development Coach/ Research Specialist, 3 years

The immediate answers to why I enjoy working at VF are easy: flex scheduling for a better work/home life balance and the competitive wages. In addition to those benefits, you won’t find a company that is more invested in bettering every single employee of theirs. Each employee is valued and respected. The company culture is also top notch. From fun activities, such as contests and family centered events, to their volunteerism and community involvement. VF is the best company I have ever worked for.

Tañia Cantu, Customer Care Manager, 14 years

Honestly, this is the first company I have worked for that, even after 4 1/2 years, I still love coming to work every day! I love the family environment, and the support and encouragement that is given to each other. Flex scheduling is a great benefit, especially if something comes up in your personal life that you need to leave work for. No need to feel guilty, just move your schedule around to accommodate it! All leaders are fair and are here to help you. All in all, I would reapply to VeriFacts 100 times over!

Angela Ristau, Office & HR Specialist, 5 years

This company was one I would have never expected to come to in my life, but it is the culture here that makes me stay. The flex scheduling is perfect for my busy home life and in the office, there is such a family feel. When there is an issue, I feel like I am heard and there will be a way to fix it. There is room to grow here within the company and development is always happening to make sure everyone is at the top of their game.

Shaunte Padilla, Development Specialist, 4 years

My favorite part about VF is the emphasis we put on professional and personal development. The management team and culture are super supportive of both. I know they invest in me because they care and truly want to see me succeed – that goes a long way when you’re considering which company is best suited for your career.

James Manus, Compliance Audit and Assurance Specialist, 6 years

I enjoy working at VeriFacts because I feel like there is always someone there to cheer you on no matter how big or small the accomplishment is. The atmosphere here is like nothing I have ever worked in before, with people who truly care about each other and want to see each other succeed.

Nina Deacon, Research Specialist, 3 years

I was employed with VeriFacts in 2019 right before COVID hit. I was furloughed and decided to find a new job path. Nothing was really interesting me, so I decided to come back to VeriFacts because I love the culture here so much. Everyone makes you feel at home, even when you’re just starting your career here. The culture really feels like a big family, and I haven’t found that in a job anywhere else.

Addi Raser, Research Specialist, 2 months