Pets are the reason why every single day of ours starts with a smile. It is our responsibility to reach out to the needy animals as much as we do to our fellow humans. This spring, our team at VeriFacts, Inc., took some time out to support Happy Tails—a local shelter home for cats and dogs.

On the 7th of February, our staff held a wonderful fundraising event called the Cutest Pet Contest. Our employees who owned pets shared photos of their little ones to win votes by 25 cents each. Take a look at our adorable set of participants.

Our team member Kaylee’s cat topped the favorites bar (first image from the left) with maximum votes. Kaylee returned approximately $100 of her winnings to raise $550 as a charitable contribution to the animal shelter in Illinois. The entire donation was then used for purchasing essential supplies for the adorable bunch at the animal shelter.

VeriFacts fundraising events are successful because we have an exciting staff, which works together to create such outstanding activities. As responsible citizens and working professionals, we invest part of our leisure time in organizing charitable events for the needy. By joining our hands with the animal shelter, Happy Tails, with whom we have had a long standing association with, we not only empower our families to join but also set an example for people to participate and contribute whatever  they can to these sheltered souls.