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    VeriFacts Can Help You Navigate Reg F Obstacles and Increase Your Successful Serve Rates.

    VeriFacts has new and improved employment verification products to help you prepare for Reg F, including a residential address in combination with our verified employment information. VeriFacts’ verified place of employment is already known, trusted, and loved by our clients. Let’s create even more value while also helping you overcome your Reg F challenges.

    Is expensive location and employment verification putting a strain on your budget?

    Did you know that our pricing is flexible? VeriFacts can create a customized solution to compliment any budget and we have access to virtually 100% of national employment information. VeriFacts has over 1,000 happy clients including Creditors, Law Firms, Debt Buyers, and Collection Agencies who have successfully utilized our verified location and employment verification products for decades.

    We deliver proven results with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, all at a fraction of the cost of our competitors!

    Our guaranteed Employment Location & Verification includes:

    • Top-notch, personalized customer service

    • Flexibility in determining acceptable locates

    • VeriFacts quality & accuracy guarantee

    • Ability to dedup files

    • Easy dispute process

    • Filter information to seamlessly pair with your strategies

    Learn more about our industry-leading employment verification products and solutions.

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    Over 1,000 companies rely on our Women-Owned Small Business for location and employment information across all 50 states & all U.S. territories. The information we provide is 100% accurate or your money back.